While the MAG (Museo Arte Guatemala) is in its last stages of construction, the institution is prompting its first activation phases. In order to initiate this new stage, the MAG proposes a Midterm project focused on activating the physical space of the museum and activating its potential publics. The MAG proposes the MAGLAB, a project that is conceptualized from the context of “contemporary culture(s)” as an access, connection and social encounter point for leisure, exhibition and education through culture.

The MAGLAB is a curated temporary project, operated by co-curators and cultural agents in a series of cultural themes. The MAGLAB proposes to articulate art history with contemporary art, together with visual, design, gastronomic and scenic cultures in a collective and co-creative arrangement. Trough a multiplicity of activities and collaborations, the project seeks to create precedents as an institution, and to generate a sustainable economy, for its own continuity in the future.