Private Viewings to the Collection

FUNBA’s Archive House is open to the public through guided visits under reservation. The standard visit gives a general view of the house, art pieces and historical artifacts, while illustrating on different time periods of Guatemala’s art history. FUNBA also offers a series of thematic events and custom made visits on request. 


The Tour

A typical visit takes about one and a half hour and we include a coffee or a glass of wine with a light snack in the garden as part of the visit.

We can arrange the visit with a 3 course meal. We cater special dietary needs if needed, but usually our menus are composed on guatemalan typical dishes.

Rates (Donation)

Tour + coffee (1.3h)
Q200 per person

Tour + wine (1.3h)
Q250 per person

Tour + lunch (2.3h)
Q450 per person















Come and spend some time in one of Guatemalas most unique place!